Pup’s Parents

Our parents are all indoor home pets who are loved and cared for just as your little ones will be too!

Ruby (Ruby-doo)

Ruby is our 2 year old Goldendoodle. She has a gorgeous deep apricot/red wavy coat and a perfect boxy face. She is around 45 pounds and is a little bit shorter in stature than Emmy and should have really cute medium sized pups. Ruby is a people dog and loves to stick right by our sides, always eager to please. She is a fetch addict, she could chase a ball all day long!

Emmy (Eminem)

Emmy is currently 6 years old and has an apricot color, wavy coat. She’s a standard size F1 Goldendoodle, weighing in at 55lbs. She’s our princess and is treated like it! She has the most eager-to-please personalities and can never get enough attention. She’s a very good hunter as well – we can hide anything and she will sniff it out in no time! As a sweet, tentative and loyal Goldendoodle, you really can’t ask for a better dam to breed. We make sure that she’s comfortable, happy and stress free throughout her pregnancies because we strongly believe that it aids in birthing happy and healthy pups.